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Dr. Jesper and staff strive to offer the best medicine and services to the residents and pets of Mechanicsville and the surrounding area. 


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Annual Wellness Consults

We recommend every pet have an annual wellness consult with a doctor. At each wellness consult, we discuss your pets current activity level, diet, and social habits. The doctor will also perform a "nose to tail" exam and evaluate any changes occuring with the heart and lungs, eyes and ears, or skin! 

We also recommend runnning annual bloodwork on your pet to ensure we keep track of their health, and can notice any changes that may occur as soon as possible.

For our feline friends- 

We recommend all cats be vaccinated for Feline Distemper. This vaccine protects your cat from several upper respiratory diseases. 

For cats that spend time outside, we also recommend the Feline Leukemia vaccine, to protect your pet from catching a contageous virus.

If your cat does go outside, we may also discuss whether to "combo test" your cat.

This blood test allows us to screen your pet for Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids, and Heartworms. 

We recommend the feline specific 1 year rabies vaccine.

Stool samples are examined yearly for intestinal parasites (worms.)

We also recommend monthly flea and tick prevention, even for indoor cats! 

For our canine friends- 

We recommend all dogs be vaccinated for distemper/parvo, keeping your pet protected against several contagious viruses. 

We also recommend an annual Leptospirosis vaccine. Lepto is a zoonotic (meaning humans can catch it) bacterial infection spread though the direct exposure to wildlife urine.

Incidence of Lyme disease and Canine Influenza is increasing, therefore yearly vaccinations for Lyme and Flu are available to discuss with the doctor.

We advise a Bordetella (kennel cough) inoculation every six months.

An annual blood test to screen for heartworms and exposure to tick borne diseases is recommended. 

Monthly preventatives are recommended for heartworm disease and intestinal parasite control. 

Stool samples are examined yearly for intestinal parasites (worms.)